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Vinyl Record Day is the First Nonprofit organization dedicated to:
The Preservation of the Cultural Influence, the Recordings and the Cover Art of the Vinyl Record

Celebrating our Fondest Music with Friends and Family

Promoting the Future of Vinyl

Nationally Establish August 12th, the date Edison invented the phonograph in 1877, as Vinyl Record Day

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Vinyl Record Day Stamp Proposal!
The Vinyl Record Day proposal for a series of first class stamps has been accepted by the U.S. Postal System! Current status is "Under Consideration" which is a notable big step toward issuance according to representatives of the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee.
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National Vinyl Record Day Founder
Gary Freiberg suggests how to celebrate Vinyl Record Day!

Vinyl Record and Audio History Preservation
Vinyl record preservationist, and Founder of non profit Vinyl Record Day, Gary J. Freiberg discusses vinyl record and audio history preservation.

Vinyl Record Stamp Petition
Vinyl Record Stamp Petition proposed by non profit Vinyl Record Day to commemorate and preserve the vinyl record's cultural contributions, recordings and album cover art on a postage stamp series.