Vinyl Record Day (VRD) will be celebrated at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on Saturday, August 23rd. We view this event as a major step toward national awareness of VRD. However, this wonít do it by itself. We need your help in carrying the ball.

Along with the social and preservation goals of Vinyl Record Day is the purpose to strengthen the vinyl record industry. As important as preserving the past is, promoting the future is as important.

The following discussion respects your knowledge of the music industry and is intended to compliment the efforts you do in being a successful business person.

Around 1985 independent dairy farmers were losing sales to Gatorade and so they formed a coalition and as a group could afford the "Got Milk" campaign, something individually they could not have afforded. We know the results. Milk sales broke all sales records.

Vinyl Record Day is meant for the general public, not for collectors and others of us who are already in the club. From a business viewpoint, the club needs to grow. Demand affects the price of supply, and an individual business in any industry needs adequate demand or everything goes on sale. The opportunity of Vinyl Record Day is to have an annual national event people can celebrate in their own home and it celebrates the industry you may be making your living from.

The celebration and recognition of Vinyl Record Day is "build it and they will come" thinking. Many people who perhaps havenít walked into a music store in many years have kept their record collections because of personal attachment. Vinyl Record Day recognizes this personal attachment many have with their record collections and aims to market to it. Itís the same emotional appeal that has made the PT Cruiser so popular and has caused other big business like McDonalds, Ford, General Motors and others to market to Americaís love for its past.

The independent milk farmers didnít know if people would buy more milk just by being asked if they had any. The goal was first to get us to think about milk, then maybe we would buy more. Vinyl Record Day has the potential to be something that greatly increases public interest in vinyl, to keep vinyl current and to bring new customers and stabilize values. Having a national day promoting the vinyl record is intended to equate to greater demand for the vinyl record industry including retail and Internet sales, independent record companies and ancillary products such as turntables, cartridges and other supplies.

If you are a retail or Internet business owner, Vinyl Record Day needs you to become part of the network of independent record dealers who will give a 10% discount to any one with a Vinyl Record Day supporter card and will promote Vinyl Record Day in August. You will be listed in the VRT Internet directory of independent record stores, and if later there is a published version you will be included. We also appreciate product donations that we can use for fundraising.

If you are with a record company or any ancillary product associated with the vinyl record, please consider being a corporate sponsor. You have the power to make a difference. Not just to Vinyl Record Day, not just to the vinyl record industry, but by supporting Vinyl Record Day you make a difference in the national community. Your association with Vinyl Record Day is a positive one. Thereís no politics, no controversy, and Vinyl Record Day reaches three different generations. Corporate sponsorship will be restricted in number.

Last but not least, if you a music artist, your support is vital to Vinyl Record Day. A Public Service message, a statement of support, autographed memorabilia, monetary donation, anything you do is an important contribution to the ideals of Vinyl Record Day.

However you are associated, please help to establish a national day that has the potential to grow the vinyl record industry. As an industry supporter you can make a difference just by exposing your sphere of influence to Vinyl Record Day. In example, if 500 record stores recognized VRD on August 16th, and in each store 250 people learned of VRD for the first time you know how many people would be talking about vinyl as a result? A bunch.

Thank you for your time and your consideration. Please feel free to call if you have questions or ideas on how you would like to coordinate promoting your business with Vinyl Record Day.

Gary Freiberg
Vinyl Record Day