Thank you for taking your time to learn more about the ideals and purposes of Vinyl Record Day, a Non-profit, tax-exempt 501 ( C ) 3 organization.

Vinyl Record Day is not limited to one age category, race, gender, ethnic background, or any other special group. Vinyl Record Day (VRD) is because we love vinyl. Its more than just the music. As Jimi Hendrix said, LPS are like our personal diaries. A primary goal of VRD is to establish a national day when we all enjoy the music most personally important to us. Its for our own individual enjoyment, and collectively, it is for society to have some balance to national news and personal challenges.

Preservation of the cultural influences, the recordings and the cover art of vinyl is also an important goal of Vinyl Record Day. Future generations should have the recorded historical speeches, soundtracks, radio broadcasts, obscure music and artists that otherwise would be lost if not preserved on vinyl. Vinyl Record Day is to recognize album cover art for its uniqueness and creativity, and for the influence it had on fashion, lifestyles, and social values. It is to stimulate demand for vinyl in order to ensure future generations will continue preservation and to assure there is a healthy future to the vinyl record industry so that new companies who continue to produce vinyl records succeed.

Vinyl Record Day hopes to increase awareness that economics prevent record companies from transferring everything recorded to compact disc. Educating the public on why and how to care for a record collection is seen as an important step toward preservation. Responsibility for preservation rests with the public, not record companies. Its up to you and me to preserve and care for our record collections. Weve kept them because they represent an important part of us and now with time we have become the custodians of our recorded heritage. It is up to us to assure future generations will not lose an important link to recorded history.

No less important to the purpose of preservation is the goal to establish a national day to enjoy our favorite music. Perhaps most important of all, Vinyl Record Day is to not lose touch with what is individual to us, yet is shared by millions worldwide; the ability for music to remind us that regardless of national news, or personal daily challenges, we attach fond memories to our music, nothing else connects us to friends, family, and special times as the songs of our personal soundtrack. Vinyl Record Day is August 12; the day Edison invented the phonograph in 1877. The celebration of VRD is the Saturday following August 12th. The purpose of having a Vinyl Record Day party is to be with friends and family and enjoy music everybody brings. Not so were nostalgic, but to assure we stay in touch with the music that reminds us that regardless of national news or personal challenges, life always has its goodness. Details of a Vinyl Record Day party are found on the How to Participate page.

Lastly, Vinyl Record Day is to ensure the monetary value of vinyl records. Prices for records are subject to supply and demand as most everything else is. Through greater mainstream visibility, VRD hopes to help further grow the demand for vinyl, securing value so those who own record collections of any size will have additional benefit by caring for them.

Plain and simple, Vinyl Record Day needs your help in order to accomplish these and future goals. Please consider being a Founding Supporter, you'll be permanently recognized as a financial founder of Vinyl Record Day. We are in the "seed capital" stage. To become nationally established we need monetary or product contributions, both of which are tax deductible to the donor. Your contribution will enable Vinyl Record Day to begin the process of making the goals nationally known. Current labor is being volunteered. Please go to the Founding Supporter page. Help to preserve our recorded heritage, to create a national day when friends and family gather for music enjoyment, and to secure the future of the vinyl record.

Thank you again for your time and interest. Please call or email if you have any questions.


Board of Directors - Vinyl Record Day
Gary Freiberg
Tom Madsen
Wendy Most
Peter Rogo