How to Participate in Vinyl Record Day

Thank you for your interest in the grass roots effort to make Vinyl Record Day (VRD) a national day. It is the goal of VRD to establish August 12th as a day for friends and family to get together to enjoy favorite music and be reminded that regardless of national news or personal challenges, life always has its goodness. Participating in Vinyl Record Day is also to support the purposes detailed on the Mission Statement page: To preserve the cultural influences, the recordings, and the cover art of vinyl. And to have a good time on Vinyl Record Day. Your participation is meaningful, for without the individual there can be no society to accomplish these goals. Here’s a few ideas how you can be a part:


On the Saturday following August 12th get together with friends or family and have a Vinyl Record Day party. Everyone who has them brings two or three of their favorite albums. Have fun with it. If you want, have a Twist or Limbo contest for kids and adults Or have someone play DJ, perhaps have dedications, or tell why a certain song is important to the person who brought it, what are the memories (the secrets!), the people, the places associated with the music. You can decorate with a music theme, make it festive with balloons. Or you can just simply play the music, heck move the furniture and make room to dance. Whatever you do, make it a point to celebrate the music you and friends or family most enjoy. There is no other purpose except to have a good time and let our favorite music remind us regardless of national news or personal challenges, life always has its goodness. Let us know about your celebration ahead of time and we’ll send you an "official" Vinyl Record Day poster!



Promote your business by having a Vinyl Record Day (VRD) sale the week of August 12th. The 12th is the VRD celebration in San Luis Obispo CA, the 23rd is the celebration at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. To commemorate the cultural influences, the recordings, and the cover art of vinyl recognize Vinyl Record Day with a special sale. Depending on your location, perhaps you can do more. Have a day of playing nothing but vinyl. Have Twist or Limbo contests for kids or adults. Have a Spin competition for college/teenage appeal. Exhibit Album Cover Art in your display windows. Combine all or any of these and other ideas. Contact local radio if you do something special, publicity is free. Call our organization, we’ll suggest or discuss your ideas. If you do something, it’s important to let us know so we can help with your publicity and encourage others. There’s power in numbers, with your involvement Vinyl Record Day can become a national established day promoting the vinyl record industry and hopefully benefit your business.


Email your customer list with special news. You are a participating supporter of Vinyl Record Day, and to further the preservation of the past and promote the future of vinyl you are holding a special sale for only those on your mailing list. You can have a separate sale for visitors who come to your site. Because of web sites uniqueness there is lots of room for creativity. We’re happy to discuss ideas. As with retail stores, the importance is for you to participate. For Vinyl Record Day to become a national day, every web site, retail store, and individual makes an important contribution just by doing something that recognizes the day and encourages celebrating our fondest music. As mentioned above, there’s power in numbers and your participation makes a difference.

Founding Supporter

Founding supporters are needed for "seed capital." To make Vinyl Record Day national, funds are needed so we can begin to meet the educational goals of promoting preservation among the public and to establish August 12th when friends and family get together to enjoy favorite music. Funds will be used to have two phone lines, for postage costs, printing, advertising and other related expenses. Currently labor is volunteered. See our Become a Supporter page.

As a 501 (c) 3 organization, contributions to Vinyl Record Day are tax deductible. The IRS requires we make our future balance sheet public. Our expenses and income will be available to anyone who requests to see them.

The goals of Vinyl Record Day do not favor any one age category, ethnic group, gender or other special interest. The purpose of Vinyl Record Day is to benefit our society, preserve an important part of our cultural history, and to grow the future of the vinyl record industry. We believe a day dedicated to enjoying music with friends and family would be healthy for our national psyche.

Thanks again for your interest and whether it be having a Vinyl Record Day party, doing something at your business, or making a donation, We truly hope you'll be the first on your block to celebrate Vinyl Record Day.


Board of Directors - Vinyl Record Day
Gary Freiberg
Tom Madsen
Wendy Most
Peter Rogo