Introduction and Background

To celebrate Vinyl Record Day (VRD) in August of 2008 a proposal to the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee was submitted for the US Post Office (USPS) to issue a series of First Class Stamps based on the Vinyl Record. Submitted by the non profit Vinyl Record Day organization the proposal was accepted and has been under consideration by the Stamp Advisory Committee since 2008.

Your signing of the below Vinyl Record Day request petition for the Vinyl Record Stamp Series may establish public support to the Stamp Advisory Committee for the Vinyl Record Stamp Series and possibly encourage scheduling the Vinyl Record Stamp Series for issuance in the next year of selection.

You may sign the online petition below this introduction or click here for a downloadable PDF that you may print and circulate to your friends!

Thank you for your support, it really is appreciated!

Gary J. Freiberg
Vinyl Record Day -

Sign the Vinyl Record Day Proposal For Vinyl Record Stamp Issuance

Date: November 24, 2020

Dear Chairperson Firstenberg and Esteemed Members of the Citizen's Stamp Advisory Committee:

To commemorate and encourage preservation of the Cultural Influence, Recordings and Cover Art of the Vinyl Record we the undersigned support the Vinyl Record Stamp proposal currently under consideration by the committee. We respectfully urge the issuance of the stamp series for educational and preservation purposes; to increase public awareness of the need to preserve our audio history. We believe preservation of the cultural richness of our audio history can be encouraged and achieved through education and increased awareness that much of this audio history is recorded and saved only on the vinyl record. According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) only five percent (5%) of all vinyl recordings have been transferred to and are available on digital format. Historical recordings such as important speeches of past world leaders, peripheral music genres and artists, movie soundtracks, educational and many other kinds of recordings are available only on the vinyl record. The vinyl record is an American invention that influenced cultures worldwide and its preservation today is integral to preserving our audio history of past eras for future generations.

We believe if honored with a First Class stamp series awareness for the need of preservation of our audio history on the vinyl record would increase greatly and benefit future generations as a result.

To further the education of the importance of audio and cultural preservation for future generations we respectfully urge approval for issuance in the next available selection year of the Vinyl Record Stamp Series proposal that is now under consideration by the committee.

Respectfully Submitted and Signed With Appreciation:

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Sign the online petition above or click here for a downloadable PDF that you may print and circulate to your friends. HELP THIS HISTORICAL FIRST!